Friday, April 3, 2009

Last minute preparing for dinner

Today is the last day for us to think and find the 'retro night' clothes for 25th anniversary dinner at Hotel Istana tomorrow night. My friends and I went to Ampang Park for last minute shopping. We bought an accessories such as ring, chain and bangle. We chose Ampang Park shopping mall because this is the nearest mall with our office, easy to go. No need to drive far away just to buy a small things. Waste time and waste money (because we need to pay for car park).

I can't imagine how my close friend will make a performance on dinner night. She involved in dance event, and this is an expected thing when she will dance for 60's retro dancing. Haha, I did'nt mean that I will laugh at her. Never! But, I just told to myself, "finally...she dance!". Why? because she hate and really really don't like to involve in dance event. She is a sport girl, and can you imagine how the sport girl will dance? The performance is organized by CYUC club, and she is one of the committees.

Saya tak sabar untuk pergi dinner kerana:
1) Makan free
2) Menonton persembahan tarian kawan baik saya
3) Wish me luck to get a lucky draw! :p

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