Saturday, May 30, 2009

Skin problem

I just arrive at home during I'm writing this entry. I went to Ranjit Skin Care Specialist in SS15, PJ to check up my skin problem. I had a skin problem when I was at 15 years old (if not mistaken). I took and tried a lot of skin product but my skin is still at the same level, nothing improve!

The doctor said pimple is caused by 'hormone'. I don't have any problem about my sinus problem. Sinus disebabkan oleh habuk-habuk dan tidak ada kena mengena dengan jerawat. The main problem is my hormone is not at the stable stage. I still can eat what I want such as lauk pauk melayu, western, ice cream, cheese cake but I need to reduce or don't take so much peanut and chocolate.

How to stabilize
my hormone? Is it I need to take any hormone pil such as evening primrose oil? One of my colleague in my office said, there are a simple way to stabilize our hormone, just married! I smiled and laughed at her. Kalau lah aku boleh buat keputusan kawen sekarang, dah lama aku buat.

The doctor gave me vitamin A for pimple problem. He said it's might be take 6-8 months to clean all my pimples. A box of vitamin A is just for 1 months and I need to take the pil again next month. He also gave me a pimple night cream and this is another way as a external medicine to reduce pimple on my face skin. The total cost is RM270 including consulted with the doctor. He took RM30 as a consult. Nasib baik bajet saya melepasi jumlah bayaran tu. Bajet saya RM300, because I know in the name of 'specialist' will make me get ready with a lot of money. I know that. Nothing cheaper with 'specialist'.

Pray for me that one day I will get the smooth and shining skin...hehe.

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