Monday, January 19, 2009


Sometimes I don't know how to differentiate between the thing I want and I need. I had misspent my money to buy something unused. This is very bad behaviour of mine since I was a child. I bought Sendayu Tinggi Cosmetic. I only use half bottle, then I put aside as useless or I put somewhere as a 'unwanted' things. Then the same thing happen when I bought Felisa Cosmetic. I also bought a pair of black shoes at Jusco Tmn Maluri, but I never wear it till today. I bought a set of Clinique Cosmetic, but I put it in my locker after half bottle using it. Adakah ini semua satu pembaziran? Ya.

What happen to myself? I always ask but I never answer. Saya tahu saya selalu membazir tapi saya tetap melakukannya juga. Saya tak pernah serik. Saya cuma terasa serik bila saya rasa saya dah kehabisan duit, tapi bila saya rasa saya banyak duit (sebenarnya tak la banyak mana pun) saya akan membeli benda yg bukan2, benda yg tak diperlukan pun dalam kehidupan seharian saya. Kiranya kalau tak beli pun takpe. Tapi, satu benda yg saya rasa saya tak membazir iaitu belanja kawan makan.

Saya suka belanja kawan2 makan. Kalau saya rasa saya ada duit lebih, saya suka belanja makan sebab saya rasa itu saja cara saya nak bersedekah atau buat amal baik. Bukan nak menunjuk bahawa saya ni pemurah, tapi saya rasa seronok belanja kawan2 makan di tempat2 yg sedap dan murah. That's me!

I went to CIMB bank to settle my car loan payment. Then the cashier asked me whether I interested to apply credit master card. Oh no! I ask myself, is it I need a credit card? as usual, I don't have an answer for that question. I'm still thinking about that. The term and condition to apply the CIMB master card is so easy. You only need to give 1 month salary pay slip and 1 copy of your IC. Easy huh? Then you just waiting for approval. The income requirements for CIMB master cards are as below:

1) Platinum Card : RM80,000 per annum/setahun
2) Gold Card : RM30,000 per annum/setahun
3) Classic card : RM 18,000 per annum/setahun

It's lifetime free annual fees and no joining fee. Interestnya pun tak tinggi sangat. It's about 1.25% to 1.50%, sebab itu lah saya seperti nak apply. But wait, I have to think about it properly. Kerana saya tahu saya suka membazir, and credit card will kill me.

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