Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don Juan will be a husband.

My friend (actually my old friend) will getting married end of this month. I have nothing sweet word to wish, just one word, CONGRATULATION!

I know him since 11 years ago, when we enter a private college at Johor Bahru. He is one of the 'Don Juan' that I ever see, and I always pray to Allah one day he will change his bad personality. My room mate told me yesterday that he will getting married with someone from Negeri Sembilan. Finally, he change his bad behaviour, bad personality and bad attitude. I didn't mean he is 'jahat', but you know how the Don Juan's behaviour. Sorry to him, actually dia baik, cuma dia....ermm..

Hopefully, his wife-to-be got an idea how to control her husband. Wish you good luck girl!

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