Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One more HVAC training

I received an email from my bos, en.salal who reminded me to attend the training for Carrier E20 Analysis Program Introduction on this Thursday. He is concerned about my HVAC study status and worries if I could not be attend the training. Our senior HVAC engineer is on maternity leave for 2 months, so he assigned Naim and I as a Piping/HVAC engineer to take the place of Kak Su to handle the HVAC part. I smiled when read an email because he wrote like this:

"Please attend the said training and make sure you're ready with your questionnaires"


My problem is, I don't know what should I ask him, unless I am in the meeting room and learn about it. I will ask if I have a few things that I don't understand. Am I right?

Bos...bos...saya tahu bos risau sebab takut takde sapa nak handle HVAC. Banyak kali dia tanya saya.. ok ke...phm ke...dah berapa peratus belajar setakat ni? Hopefully jangan ada masalah HVAC utk projek St.Joseph. Kalau nak ada masalah tunggu K.Su naik cuti...bleh gitu?

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