Sunday, June 14, 2009

A walk to remember - part 2

I don't know why I always remember all the things past happen to my life, about my friends, my student life in Perlis, my happy buddy in Tmn Pelangi,JB and my ex-schoolmate. I really miss them. I received a SMS from one of my housemate in Perlis, Sufi. She reminded me about the day that we were registered as a student in Universiti Malaysia Perlis (formerly known as a Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan Utara Malaysia). Seriously I am not remember the date. The date is 13 June 2004. She also reminded me about all the things happen to us along 3 years we were studied and stayed together in KKTDI (Kolej Kediaman Tun Doktor Ismail).

My life in Perlis makes me more matured and survivor. I never stay for a long miles with my parents before. I am not sure how far between Johor and Perlis, but i guess it's about more than 200km. I will take a bus everytime if I want go to Perlis, and it's took about 12 hours to arrive in Kangar or Kuala Perlis. My life in North of Malaysia is a wonderful and valuable for me. I was there just because of my study. Kalau tak kerana belajar, mungkin saya tak jejak kaki ke sana.

Perlis is a small state located at north of Malaysia and nearest with the border between Malaysia-Thailand. My house (actually asrama)is located at Kuala Perlis. Kuala Perlis adalah sebuah pekan kecil dimana ia berhampiran dengan jeti untuk ke Langkawi. Every morning from monday to friday, we (students) will waiting for a bus provided by Unimap to go to class. Actually Unimap is a unique university where our classes are distribute to everywhere. There are a class at Kangar, Kuala Perlis, Kubang Gajah and Jejawi. Bersepah. Thats why we need a bus , or if we have extra money or extra cars, we can bring it as a facilities to go to class.

This is Gee. She is a 'Terengganu lady' where I always laugh at her everytime she speak 'loghat ganu'. She will add 'ng' in the end of every words like makan jadi makang, ikan jadi ikang, kanan jadi kanang. My first impression for the first time I met her is, I tought she is snubbish. But I am remember for a quote 'don't judge a book by it's cover'. She is not as what my expectation. It's totally wrong. She is kind person and funny, but Gee, sometimes you are stubborn. Susah nak makan ubat and the most important thing that I can't forget about her is she is always collaps. This is because she got a low blood level and can't be too active as other peoples. At the age of 26, she's married with her beloved man, Saiful and stay at Melaka. What I want to pray is I hope you and hubby will live happily ever after.

Dilla binti Majid, a simple name for a simple woman like her. Her name is just 5 letters.So simple. She is 'anak mami' lady and Gee's roomate. She have a beautiful body, tall and sweet. We always talk about boyfriend where she always say "bila la nak dpt boipren ni. Asik kita minat kat org, org tak minat kat kita ka..?". Kelakar la. Here, I want to say something to you Dilla. Have you realize that you are beautiful? Yes, you are beautiful and you have a good attitude. You have to believe yourself that you are a sweet woman but a man can't see your beauty because they are blind. A blind man only see a putih gebu, hidung mancung, mata galak and gedik sahaja. But a true man will see your beautiful smile and your sincere. Mungkin satu hari nanti you will see a ' true man'. Trust me.

These 2 girls are never separate from first year until final year study. They are only split when we had done in degree. Adilah (left) and Sufi (right) are my housemate. Adilah is a typical north woman who like and interest in traditional lauk pauk utara. She is cool and steady. She always makes me laugh with her jokes. Sufi, is a 'nogori lady' who like cook. Dia memang pandai masak dan rajin masak. Memang calon yg baik untuk dijadikan menantu. I am sure you still remember on our trip to Langkawi and Penang, mandi air terjun kat Titi Ayun, main boling kat Alor Setar dan masak steambot. We were berbuka puasa toghether on Ramadhan dan go to surau for solat tarawih. So sweet. And...I still remember on the day you cry, feel unhappy and disappointed. You made a plan to get married with him, but he's gone. He is not your real partner because Allah knows who's the best for you, and finally you met another guy and he's better than him. He loves you so much and now he is already sit beside you, love you. He is your husband. When someone give their love for you, give him back. Hikmah disebalik kejadian terlalu besar.

Fadzilah Mohd Sariat. I know her since a decade ago. It's a long time for us to built our friendship. I am happy to know her eventho I am not a good friend for her. Sorry for everything happen for the past a few years. She is easy going person but sometimes unpredictable. She looks ferocious outside, but actually she had a gentle heart inside. Believe me or not, she is my mentor for everythings - in study, work or personal problems. She is my best friend and always be my shoulder to cry on. She lost her beloved father a month ago. Actually, I know and I can feel that your father will gone. I don't know why, but maybe I have a sixth sense. Haha. It's sound funny but it's real. I still remember on the day I was arrived at your home. I saw your father (arwah) sit on the floor of your house. He smiled to me and I smiled back to him. He look different. I don't know how to describe how different he look. He sit alone and saw to the door. He look long, gaze and think deeply. Dia seperti tahu dia akan pergi. And thats the last time I met him. Everybody will die, but right now, you have to be strong. I know you can.

Last but not least, my roomate and the smallest people in our home, Sue.Haha. Jangan marah, sememangnya dia kecik. She is 'Klate lady' and be my roomate since first year study. I still remember on the day she talked to me.."Masa mula-mula kenal kak julie dulu, sombong nak mampos..". And I said.."Yeke...mana ada sombong..hahaha". Yes, maybe I look snubbish, same like Gee. But I am not as her expectation. My face is not friendly look, but it doesn't mean that I am snubbish. But Sue, kak julie tak marah or kecik hati pun dengan kata-kata itu. Thanks for being honest. Bukan Sue sorang yang kata gitu, berpuluh lagi manusia yang berkata begitu kepadaku..ahaks! Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Kenal dulu baru tahu hati budinya. Well, Sue is my gossip friend. We were always 'mengumpat' dan ketawa terbahak-bahak dalam bilik. And we have the same bad attitude - malas kemas bilik. Bilik kami selalu bersepah macam tongkang pecah. Adalah sesekali tetiba datang mood rajin nak mengemas, tapi tak lama bertahan. Beberapa hari lepas tu back to normal - bersepah semula. Betul tak Sue? Haha. Furthermore, Sue juga kawan merempit. She brought her motor honda EX5 (betul ke honda EX5..?tak sure) dan selalu jugalah menumpang motor dia untuk pegi kelas or pegi Kuala Perlis beli barang. I think Sue is one of minah rempit yg agak berpotensi jika di gilap bakatnya. Tak padan dengan badan kecik, tapi bawak motor ya rabbi...,selalu berselawat 33x kalau naik motor dengan dia.


Talking about them is makes me smile. We can't buy the happiness with money, but we only can feel it and appreciate it. Life in happiness is valuable things and it's hard to find it. To all my friends stated above (Sue,Sufi,Adilah,Dilla and Gee), I hope you are happy and learn how to appreciate what is in your hand. Jangan jadi tamak sebaliknya belajar untuk menghargai apa yang ada sebelum ia hilang. Sayangi semua orang tetapi percayakan hanya sedikit orang saja. Fad is not included in the name list because I see her everyday..ahaha. Mungkin kita akan jumpa lagi tapi ada kemungkinan kita tak akan jumpa. Tapi kalaulah kita tak jumpa lagi, ingatilah kenangan manis sewaktu tinggal sebumbung, makan setikar dan ketawa terbahak-bahak sampai keluar air mata.

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