Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When I have nothing to do...

Ok, I've nothing to say because I don't have any other issue to write on this entry. My life is so boring lately. Most of my colleagues in my office are on leave this week and I feel like I must be crazy because when I saw on my right, it's empty. When I saw on my left, it's empty too. When I saw into my boss's room, it's dark. Everybody had took an annual leave during school holiday, and I come to the office with no job, nothing to do. Tensionnya...!

So here, I had uploaded a few pics taken on saturday last week, located at tmn reakreasi bkt. jalil. Nice view I think. Sebenarnya...nak test kamera baru....hahaha. Sengal aku.

Tetiba kat sini jumpa kincir angin, terasa mcm berada di Belanda plak.

Fad and her fren, miza@boboi

Tasik apa ntah..

Benda alah ni mcm muzium, tapi kat dlm tu ada org tgh buat yoga..

I like green..

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