Wednesday, August 19, 2009

life saving rules

I just attending the briefing of Health Safety and Environment (HSE)\Shell - Life Saving Rules. This briefing is good for anyone who involved or will involve in Shell project. Shell provided the rules for their employees and for those who involved in their project especially consultant to make sure we are always put the safety as a number one procedure before start work everyday and every time. Good huh?

Do you believe from 2000 until 2008, there are almost 350+ fatalities case happen in Shell site. Serious case. That's why we have to be consider with safety and health. I know most of us just thinking this is perkara remeh, but this is very important part especially for those who working in offshore. Take it serious guys.

The briefing schedule supposely start from 10am to 11.30am, means an hour lah. But belum sempat saya ngantuk dah abes. Ayoo...cepatnya, setengah jam dah abes. Rasanya masa duduk dalam meeting room tadi baru je nak menguap, tiba-tiba presenter tu kata..."Ok guys..if you have any questions, can ask me now..".

Ermm..bunyi mcm dah nak bersurai je. Ye..dah abes dah pun. Baru je nak mengantuk..haha. Dan buku catatan saya bersih without any notes. Bagus kan.

"If you choose to break the rules, you choose not to work for Shell.
And for consultant, if you choose to break the rules, you choose to not involve in Shell project"

Senang kan...
Kalau rasa nak keje dgn Shell, patuhi lah segala rules yg dah di buat..
dan kalau consultant tak ikut rules yg ada, jgn involve projek diaorg...hahaha

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irfanvsirhas said...

yer betul tu.....
bila tanyer...sume blur....ahahahahahaaaaa....