Friday, February 27, 2009

HVAC will killing me

As I mentioned on my last entry, my boss had came to me and asked about my 2 days HVAC training. I told him that the trainer taught us so fast. But I am not blame the trainer. All the competitors almost come from HVAC background such as aircond contractor, aircond supplyer and building consultant. Only Naim and I, both of us are new HVAC engineer-to-be, but I don't like the title "HVAC Engineer". I know I need to learn more about technical side, not only on piping and mechanical. But my situation now is, all the things must be go on faster and faster . I means, we (Naim & I) must be take over the other person work load. We need to answer all the queries and comments from client for the job that we are not involve before. I hate it, really hate it. I don't know how can I give the answer if one day one of the client come to me and fire me with a killer question, or my boss ask me the same as client fire him with the mistakes on the report prepared someone. May God bless me. Amin.

Sometimes I think that I am not stay here for a long time. I have to go to somewhere, but not now. When I was so 'bengang' tadi, I think I want to get out from MMC right now, sekarang juga. Kepala saya pening, berserabut sikit. I cannot thinking properly, I cannot give an attention to anybody who come to me to chit chat, I cannot smile and cannot laugh. What I can do is...sleep! I'll wake up with the fresh head and mind tomorrow morning.

When we (my friends and I) were go out to Kg.Baru for lunch, I try to smile and laugh to others eventhough my heart was so sad. I ate the nasi campur with a variety of lauk pauk, it's so delicious. I took ikan terubuk bakar, ulam, sotong masak pedas, terung masak sambal, tempe goreng and air limau ais. Banyak kan? and guess what, my plate is the most expensive compared to others...RM12.

Material Handling is my focus on next week.

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