Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I took an annual leave on last tuesday, and it's makes somebody at my office tension on me. Who's that guy? He is Mirko, our Senior/Lead Mechanical Engineer. He gave me a job last week, and he asked me to submit by tuesday. Actually I have a plan to take an annual leave but I forgot to inform him. I also forgot to apply leave earlier, so that I had mentioned to him as an emergency leave. Oleh kerana rasa bersalah yg amat sangat, maka saya dengan muka seposen pegi la say sorry kat Mirko sebab ambil cuti tanpa memberitahu dia. And guess what he said to me?

"It's ok, maybe next time you have another chance to change your image".

Oh..pedih sungguh ayat itu. I know that I make a mistake. Saya baru sekali buat silap, dia dah cop saya mempunyai imej yg kurang baik. Saya lupa bagitahu dia pun kerana dia juga. He gave me that job on last minutes office hour. Suruh check itu ini, then Monday public holiday. An urgent MTO must be submit on tuesday. Best sungguh. Because of kelam kabut buat kerja saya lupa nak apply cuti sekaligus lupa beritahu dia saya nak cuti. Buy the way, I admit my mistake but I hate the statement from his mouth. So, what happen to the other peoples who always take MC?Dalam seminggu mesti ada yang ambil MC. Mereka itu mempunyai imej yang bagus ke? Yang tiap2 minggu ambil MC pun ada. It's sound angry huh? No la, saya bukan marah, cuma ada sikit saja bengang. Ok, forget about it. Dah selesai pun. The MTO has been submitted yesterday, and many thanks to my friend for helping me to settle on that thing.

Time to rest. Take a good rest for a good health. Sambil2 tu berfikir macam mana nak ubah imej.. ;-)

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