Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Retro night - 60's, 70's, 80's

MMC will organize an annual dinner on 4th April 2009 at Hotel Istana. The theme is 'Retro Night' which means we need to come with 60's or 70's or 80's outfit. Oh, i hate it. I think the committees of the club are not thinking properly before make a decision what is the best theme on that night. As we know the 60's/70's and 80's peoples like to dress with the rambut-rambut kembang macam penyanyi alleycat tu, then baju seluar kembang-kembang. Sangat hodoh la.

Most of us are not interested for the dinner. We like if the badget is giving us as a bonus. It's better than an annual dinner that make us headache to think what is the best or most beautiful dress/outfit to wear. But we don't have the 'extra power' to argue about that. So after think and think and think, I decided to go there just for fun and rilex and the most important thing is 'makan free'.

Talking about food, our CYUC (Cheer You Up Club) committees had decided to serve the Chinese Food. I hope makanan itu sedap dan memuaskan hati lah. Jika tidak, ermm..I don't know what to say. Pada malam itu juga mungkin ada perfomance dari mereka-mereka yang sukarela nak menyanyi or menari. For CYUC committees, sudah tentu mereka kena mengadakan persembahan, maklum lah commitee kan, mereka mesti menunjukkan keaktifan mereka pada malam itu. For me, I just come to eat the delicous food. Thats it.

*Are you ready to wear this clothes?*

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