Monday, May 11, 2009

Single room

Since my roommate has been moved, I was alone in the room. I did my duty to clean and re-arrange the furniture and I was thinking where to put the bed, table and almari. I want my room just look like a simple room and not too crowded. I need more space to rilex, golek-golek kat lantai, meniarap sambil baca majalah or menyepah-nyepahkan baju yg malas nak lipat. I think this room is very nice and the location is strategic. Why? because the sun light can give more lightening for the whole day. If I want snap the picture, I just click the button without turn on the flash. Prefect. I like the window of this room. I can see the scenery of USJ from 4th level of my room and I always standing here and dreaming! Cool.

*My bed*

*My 'mini office' *
This is place where I surf internet for blogging, find and listen songs, watch movie and do my extra office work.

*My wardrobe*
Ada sikit bersepah, malas kemas.

*The scenery of USJ 8 from my room*
Lengang kerana hari ahad.
Di tingkap ini lah saya selalu berangan.
Di trafic light ini jugalah selalu ada eksiden.
I can hear and see the car crash from my room.

Oleh kerana kamera handphone saya tak canggih, jadi kualiti gambar ini memang teruk. Waiting for my new camera soon. :D


Reds said...

Semuanya simple...nice view!

J.U.L.I.E said...

hehe..kalo crowded sgt nti rimas..