Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I am not being a mommy because I'm not married yet :p, but I know being a mommy or mak or mama or umi is not easy like being as an engineer or a doctor. As a mother, you have to take care of your children everyday, wash the laundry, cook a special or delicious food, ask your child about their home work, send them to hospital or clinic if they are not feeling well, send them to school in the morning and take them back in the afternoon, arrange about 'rumah tangga', clean or make the house keeping work, go to the market to buy something to cook and many more things to do everyday and every time just to make sure their children and husband feel comfortable and happy.

The picture above was taken during my convocation day 2 years ago. My mother is Farizah Binti Othman and for me she is supermommy! She did what should a mother do for their children and I appreciated it. She is the best mother in the world. Terima kasih mak untuk segalanya. I don't have any other special word for her, it's just........I LOVE YOU!

Happy mother's day for all mommies in the world and also for mommies-to-be. Appreciate your mother before she is gone, and don't forget that "Syurga itu dibawah telapak kaki ibu".

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