Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday - my fav day in a week

It was a sunny day. This is the words to describe the Friday morning. Something an unpredictable when I saw in the roundabout on the way to office, there are not too much of vehicles on the road. Thats like heaven. My friend drove her car at the steady and stable condition, while I sat beside her and took her eye shadow that she bought it yesterday and I started to touch-up my face. Just a simple and mekap bodo-bodo jer.

Afternoon, this is the time that we waiting for a day. Makan! Dari pagi saya dah siap sedia mengosongkan perut semata-mata nak makan ikan bakar kat Kg. Baru. My friend drove a black Myvi there and we enjoyed our meal. I took nasi putih with ulam and ikan cencaru bakar. Additional lauk - kaki ayam. Macam kelakar plak makan kaki ayam, tapi itulah fav saya. Actually i had tried ikan terubuk, keli and pari. Tapi tetiba hari ni rasa nak makan ikan cencaru sebab ikan tu besar. Haha. Tamak punya pasal, tapi makan habis tau.

As I mentioned on my previous entry, I got an email from bos and he asked me to attend the Carrier E20 Hourly Analysis Program Introduction Training. Naim and I has followed the training only for 2 hours yesterday. The trainer is Mr. Douglas Wong, the System Engineer for Plan & Spec from Carrier (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. He gave a study case as an example for us to try and error. But he didn't show us the detail how to do it. Whats he did is, he gave a random explaination with a very fast spoken. Ermm..I am not blame 100% for him. He is not make any mistake, but I am blame to myself. I don't know why I hate myself yesterday. I thought that I was studied and got a full explaination from K.Su. But I am wrong. There are a lot of things that I must be catch up and do more exercises to improve in HVAC.

At 11 am this morning, as per my expectation, my bos came and asked the regular questions regarding the HVAC training yesterday. But I am not expect that he gave me a report from client comments and ask me to incorporate and submit to him at least on Tuesday next week. I smiled to him (seperti apa yg biasa aku buat masa mengadap dia) when he asked me a few questions about the fundamental of HVAC study. Tak nak plak dia panggil Naim, apasal dia panggil saya sorang..

Well, I just admit it in positive way. Adat la belajar, kerja, mesti ada pasang surut. Sometimes kita marah orang, but on another days, orang plak yg marah kita.

Life is like a wheel..
Today we are at above in the higher point..
but tomorrow we are at below in the lower point..

Dan kalau ada orang tetiba naik angin sound like a devil, or tak boleh terima pendapat orang atau rasa pendapat dia je betul, i will ignore it and say...go to hell la. Ntah apa-apa la manusia ni..

Aneka pilihan lauk utk di makan

Aneka pilihan sambal

Fad, yg nampak muka separuh tu Kak Ila
nampak tak mamat baju merah kat blkg?aku makan sambil perhatikan dia..

Dalam pinggan ada kaki ayam
hari ni memang berazam nak makan byk..
itu impian sejak semalam..

Cencaru bakar, it's look small, but the actual size is quite big

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