Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FB & blog

Saya baru baca blog Harris tadi. He talked about the two popular website, Facebook and Blog. It's quite interesting. So I want to put my own opinion in my blog regarding the FB and blog.

What is the important of blog and Facebook?

Blog is a place where I can tell to the world what is on my mind and my heart. I can share my life, love and experiences to others in blog. I can put my opinions, suggestion and advices in blog. And maybe some of us used blog as a place to advertise their products such as perfume, bag, gadget, shoes etc, so blog can makes us making money online. And I know some of us used blog as a political place or gossip place. But what ever reason we using blog, I think this is a very nice place to discuss all out what is in our heart. And for me, blog can cheer me up. I can write what I want, express my feeling and share good things to my friends. That's the reason why I had published this blog in the world wide web.

Facebook is a place to find friends, whether old friends or new friends. We can search someone using name, email, school or university. When we met our old or new friends, of course we can talk, chatting, send message and share the pictures. Is that happy? Yes happy. We're also can play game in facebook and take a stupid quiz to release tension. That's why the information system in my company already blocked facebook because they didn't want all employees focus on entertainment, just focus on work! Wallaaa..tapi aku peduli apa, teknologi canggih kan ada...broadband membantuku! Muahhhh..

So facebook and blog are the nice things and don't skip one of it. I just want to reminder one thing, jangan la menggunakan ruang ini untuk berbalah atau bergaduh. Itu je.

Mata saya ni dah macam ada gam cap gajah, dah nak tertutup sangat dah. Mengantuk macam saya mintak diri dulu la ye, bersambung di lain hari..insyaAllah. Selamat malam and wassalam..


Reds said...

nice opinion...masing2 ada pendapat masing2 dan ia tak salah selagi kita gunakan sebaik mungkin...dan yg penting, kita happy!

J.U.L.I.E said...

yes...hepi!buat benda yg meng'hepi'kan diri sndirik..