Tuesday, March 26, 2013


who is the most cute among us?
me? or Cik Ta? or the beruang panda?

Hai, my name is nonet. But this is not my real name. Nonet is given by my mom and i am not really sure why she really liked the name. But i think nonet is a nice name, or precisely, nonet is a cute name.

i am almost 6 months old. But most peoples thought that i am ermm....8 or 9 months. And the most hilarious things is they thought that i was a GIRL. No! i am not a girl auntie, i am a BOY.

Do i look like a girl?


1 comment:

CiKPuaNLawA said...

wahhhh..... che ta belakang tuhhh..!!!...

hebat nonet nehh...!!!