Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love Story

Once upon a time, there are a little girl was followed her bestfriend back to hometown, somewhere at South of Malaysia. She went to her bestfriend's house 2-3 times before, but this time she saw a guy who look like her bestfriend face. She asked her friend, "Who's that guy?". Her friend replied, "My brother". She just ignore that guy because she is a shy and not too friendly to talk something with him. The guy is also look at her without say any word, and then go. The drama is just end with both of a little girl and that guy are silence...,no talk to each other.

A few years later, she saw the guy again. This time she and her bestfriend are in the train to send her brother to Puduraya. The guy sit in front of her. The guy was smiled to her, but she just ignore it. She is really didn't noticed for his smiling. The guy was so sad. It is because there is no response from the girl and he feel like he want to put his face somewhere in the pocket of his bag.

1 or 2 years later, she is an office worker somewhere at Selangor. One sweet night, she got a phone call from her bestfriend. They are talk each other for a while. Then, her bestfriend asked a killer question:

"Do you already have a boyfriend don't you?". She is really shock for the question.
"No, why?". She answered and asked the question to her bestfriend.
"I just asking. Actually there are a men who is really admire at you. He want you be a friend with him". Her bestfriend answered. This time she was shock again.
"Who's the guy?". She asked again. She is really want to know who's the secret admire.
" brother". Her bestfriend replied and laugh.
"What?????? Your brother????"
"Yes, my brother. He is really want to know you, be a friend with you. He is admire you...hahaha..". Her friend laugh.
She is speechless.
"Ermm...if you don't mind, I want give your phone number to my brother...,could I?". Her friend asked and waiting for a moment.
She's thinking about that for a few seconds. But she didn't give any answer and silent.

A few months later...
She is now at her office, sit in front of her pc, typing word by word. Suddenly she got one new message from her mobile phone. She opened the message, and read it. She didn't recognized the 019-708XXXX number, from unknown person. She just replied the message and asked, Who is this?. A few seconds, she got another one message from the unknown person. The message is: Your bestfriend's brother.

Oh God! She is really shock but she smiled. She talked to her self. "Berani juga akhirnya dia sms aku". Start from the day, she and her friend's brother be a friend, a close friend and now....a couple. They are one of the loving couple in Malaysia. Same with other couples, they talk, share the problems, miss each other, love each other and sometimes, fight!

One day, she asked her boyfriend on the phone: "Why you love me, and could you tell me when you start love me?". Her boyfriend replied: "Why you ask me like that?".
"I just asking..just to know...if you don't mind to tell me..", She answered and smiled. Her boyfriend thinking how to answer, and finally..he give the answer. His answer is really touching and a little girl was so speechless.

" I start fall in love with you since the first time I meet you". He answered, and 5 second later, he continue again.
"But I don't have the answer why I love you. I don't know why I love you, I love you without any reasons".

Ohh..the answers was touched her heart. She smiled eventhough she know her boyfriend cannot see her smile. This is a love story from a girl who is always lonely, but now she got a prince and she promise that she will always love her prince in what ever happen. She pray and wish to Allah, "jika ada jodoh, satukan lah aku dan dia. Jika dia yang terbaik pilihanmu untukku, dekatlah dia denganku, tetapi jika dia bukan yang terbaik buatku, jauhilah dia dariku".

She close her eyes, and said slowly...."Thanks for loving me dear".

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